Firstly – what are sit stand desks? A sit stand desk is a desk that moves up and down electronically (usually from 650-1300mm), which allows the person to work comfortably and normally at both a sitting and standing height. Originating in Europe, now British offices are starting to see the benefits too.

Having a sit/stand desk option in your office workplace has proved to have multiple benefits. Some of the earliest adopters of height adjustable desks include Winston Churchill and Charles Dickens, who were known to be fans of writing at standing desks. Standing capable desks have shown to boost productivity too, not just health.

Wellbeing is important in the workplace – employees often spend most of their time at work, so it is vital that there are the facilities to allow employees to move. The average British office worker spends 35-40 hours a week sitting at their desk – not including sitting down to commute and time spent sitting for leisure. Prolonged sitting has been linked with many health risks, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes. HSE recommends taking a 5–10 minute break every hour to ‘stand up, move about and change posture’. Standing at a desk can also significantly increase circulation to limbs, and has also been shown to lead to a boost in mood and focus at work. By introducing sit/stand desks, employers are being mindful of their employees’ physical and emotional health, and are giving them the tools to help achieve a healthy workplace zen.

However, not only does a standing desk have benefits when it comes to health and wellbeing – there are also often benefits linked to the work produced. A study involving call centre employees found that those with standing desks were 45% more productive than those who were seated during their time at work. Standing to work allows the employee to be more active and can give them more energy and inspiration. It has been shown that standing can help an office worker deal with a difficult phone call, tedious workload, and lots more.

So, there are benefits all round! Our Tia range of desks features electric actuators to adjust the height of your workspace. There is also an optional memory control switch available, that remembers the height that you are most comfortable working at! Check it out here;