Moventi were excited to unveil their rejuvenated identity earlier this month. This followed an exciting few months during which we worked with Stills Branding to refresh and embolden our branding to fully align with our innermost vision and values.

The ‘Inspired by Humans’ theme stems from our love of human-to-human interaction that inspires us on a daily basis. It conveys the important message that Moventi are about so much more than just our designs and products.

We asked Ceri Lovett, Creative Director at Stills, for his thoughts on the project… ‘We needed to create a strong brand presence in a crowded and competitive marketplace which could grab attention and be relayed visually and through the use of effective story telling. It was vital that their voice cut through the noise and allow the company to communicate directly with their customers. The new branding needed to reflect Moventi’s personality, focus and wealth of experience within the industry whilst remaining honest and authentic.

The Moventi brand identity is now clear across their branded communications, with a visual identity that focuses on the diversity of their customers and their needs. We have rolled out the brand across the vital touch points including a fully responsive website with some exciting developments in the pipeline. Also a package of marketing assets which provides the team with the ability to present the brand positively and confidently in all their marketing activity. We are looking forward to expanding the brand with every success in the future.’

We also asked, Moventi Director, Kelvin Nunn, for a short spiel!…. ‘Working with Ceri and the team at Stills on this project has been great fun. It has helped Moventi to really establish what lights our fire and then convey this message to all our wonderful existing and potential clients. We have raised the bar yet again and will continue to do so from hereon!’