A big trend in office design this year has been creating an office with employees’ individual differences in mind to enhance the wellbeing of the members of staff that work there.

However, this does not mean the office should lack having factors that enhance the office space itself or elements that are set to improve the business over time. If a business is planning on making it big, then they should design for success.

One of the biggest consequences of success is having to hire more people to carry out the larger workload. If the office was designed for a team of two to four people, then the team grows to ten, the space isn’t feasible for the new number of employees that need to fit in there. However, there is no way to predict, exactly how and when, you’ll need more space, so you may find it pointless to design a huge office that you won’t need for a couple of years. Nevertheless, here are some ways your office should accommodate team growth, without planning too far ahead in advance or not preparing at all:

Do Not Think Small

When first starting out as a small business, the options of a tiny room with two chairs and two desks, or a freelance hotdesking place may seem ideal. However, as the business grows and evolves, the small space will stay the same…small. An office should have enough space that extra desks can be fitted in if necessary, without leaving employees limited to one shared desk, and giving individuals still enough room to walk around.


Another great way to prepare for potential team expansion is to include lots of different rooms in the office, all designed with a different purpose in mind. For example, the main office could consist of computers and desks, whereas you could have another area that’s designed for collaborative working with standing desks, a big table or even bean bags – the space should be designed for employee interaction and a quirkiness that sets it apart from other areas in the working environment. An office should have a separate kitchen area too, where individuals can go to eat and converse – this space could be really useful if the team grows and employees need a quieter place to relax and carry out work.

Be Prepared to Move

As profits start to rise and workload begins to grow, it might be time to look for a bigger space, before you run the risk of leaving it too late. If an employer knows they need to hire three more people to the team, they should start looking for a new office that can fit all members of staff in the space comfortably.