The trends predicted for 2019 are even bigger and bolder than last year’s, with a bigger focus placed on biophilic design, areas designed to be experience driven, spaces with a warmer and more welcoming feel and antique design features.

The Rise of Biophilic Design

In 2018, biophilic design was set to be a big trend in the year with shell dividers and water features becoming centre pieces in offices. However, biophilic design is set to be even bigger in 2019, with nature and natural surroundings becoming even more popular in the New Year and the norm in office spaces now.

There’s been a move away from biophilic design as just an added feature into offices – it’s now a necessity in the working environment. Biophilic design started as plants and leafy wall dividers in the office, but now living green walls, features made of stone, quality air ventilation and natural lighting have become essential to any business that wants to offer their employees a taste of the outside and improve productivity among their staff.

In 2019, we are set to see an increase of moss walls as they are a lot easier to take care of than their alternative – living green walls – while still offering the same benefits of biophilic design for employees. Moss walls are perfect for offices that cannot have living green walls because of the environment and lack of lighting.

Along with biophilic design, there is set to be an increase in the use of local and smaller businesses for products that an office needs, like containers for plants and quirky stands. Handcrafted goods from the local business have a lot more character and help those out in your area, which will have a positive effect on your company’s image.

Experiences to Drive

2019 is the year businesses will start to view office design as a way to boost their employee’s satisfaction with their working environment and job to help employ new talent and keep their best workers – cue the rise of the experience-driven space.

Last year there was a focus on the kitchenette, but this year there’s a bigger emphasis on spaces that drive employees by giving them a break away from the typical working environment entirely. Experience-driven spaces enhance the community of the office and encourage employees to relax and have fun. These kinds of spaces could include cafes, meditation areas, games room and even rock-climbing walls – the activities really are endless!

Making the Office a Second Home

This year is set to be more about warm and welcoming spaces that make the office feel more like a second home, than a place to work. Think quirky furniture, bold colours and furry rugs that will make spaces in the office feel like you have just sat in your living room to have a conversation, rather than moved into a collaborative area.

Comfort, character and homeliness are all aspects that will put your employees at ease and take them away from the hectic environment of the office.